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Making Complex Information Sensible

Information comes in many formats: written, numerical and visual. Either singly or in combination, several projects illustrate the ESC's approach to making complex information sensible.

For example, the Kona Community Development Plan illustrates the use of GIS to facilitate and determine consensus on "where to grow"; Community Viz®, Design and Planning Decision Support Software provides the capacity to intuitively build-out a redevelopment and simultaneously evaluate the scenario's performance; where a targeted animated visual simulations was used to understand how the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is perceived by a pedestrians as a series of momentary views of the apse, nave, towers and crossing; in the John Jay College Condemnation trial, sophisticated interactive visual and numerical database of over 30 comparable developments was used during the court proceeding to better understand the relationships between the comparables and the condemened site, and Glen Cove's Visual Simulation Ordinance which for the time spelled out the criteria and standards for verifiable real-time 3D visual simulations based on the array of informations found in difficult to understand architects' and engineers' drawings.