Hudson Yards Rezoning

In order to support anticipated population growth and to position New York City as an office center in the 21st Century, the City undertook a comprehensive planning and zoning of West Midtown. The area under study is delineated by 29th Street to the South, 42nd Street to the North, Seventh Avenue / Herald Square to the East, and the Hudson River. The Eastern Portion is the densely developed Garment / Fashion while the Western Portion includes low density industrial uses, scattered housing, railyards and the Javits Convention Center. Supporting a team of 22 firms led by Parsons Brinkerhoff on this multi-year project, the ESC used its highly accurate 3D / GIS of New York City to produce realistic urban design graphics, verifiable digital photomontages, and graphics and analysis that measured shadow impacts of the proposed rezoning of the Hudson Yards. The rezoning was done as a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) to implement the plan rather than site specific developments. To visualize the future under the proposed zoning, the ESC created a visual language of hypothetical buildings which might be built under the new zoning that were visually distinct from existing buildings that would remain which were then used to create the verifiable photomontages illustrating the proposed zoning. The ESC produced over 100 of these verifiable digital photomontages for the historic resources and the urban design chapters of the DGEIS using a variety of visual and technical effects. In addition, using the ESC's 3D / GIS of the study area, the ESC performed detailed shadow analysis of existing and proposed conditions. Additional information can be found at New York City Department of City Planning's website.